Pull ups


October 17, 2006 by Marj Hatzell

Here are some of y’alls comments about the pull-up comment yesterday:

  1. “You can get them for free with Medical Assistance (which Bugaboo has, due to being a child with a disability).”
  2. “He can take care of the pull-ups himself, not the diapers.”
  3. “She can just change herself.”
  4. You are a crazy nut-case and oughta get a life (I made that one up)

OK, so it didn’t dawn on me about the Independence thing. You know, like DOING IT HIMSELF??? HEEELLLLOOOOO!!!! I mean, isn’t the whole point of all of this to be able to do things himself? To gain a better quality of life through Independence? To be self-sufficient and able? I think further thought in this area is required. I hadn’t looked at it from quite that angle before.
And for the record, I am NOT potty training. But I think this is the start of something good.

3 thoughts on “Pull ups

  1. Heather says:

    1. Yes you can get them free. Can’t you get diapers free too?
    3. Pullups are a waste of TIME!

    If he poos in the pull up and then pulls it down – OH.THE.HORROR. Remember my 6 years of day care here! This is the voice of unfortunate experiance. DON’T GO THERE! SOB

    In any event if he makes anything in the pull up you have to take off whatever clothing you have gotten him to wear OFF to put on a new clean pull up and then convince him to put said clothing BACK ON. Skip it – you can put diapers on stading up with pants at knees.

    Our other freind who used them (Mama Bit) her son had grown too big for diapers – Bugaboo is not that big.

    My vote (HA! since I am sure it matters! LOL!) is no Pull ups! And bravo to “not training” directly on the big potty. That is how I ALWAYS trained. It’s nasty to clean little pottys and better for emergencies in public.

    Sorry for the Novel!!

  2. CryssyeR says:

    For a child who is older and moving from the initial stages of potty training – pull ups are a good thing. Heather brought up an excellent point – if he poos and pulls it down – ICK. But then, that happens when they move to underwear anyway (at least it did for me on a regular basis).

    Honestly, it is totally your choice about what is right for YOUR child. If he can already remove the diaper, why move to pull ups? Independence is not something that Bugaboo has problems with! LOL He can strip now faster than anyone on earth, so that shouldn’t be a factor.

    The fact that you could get them free is tempting, I am sure. But will it really serve the purpose you are looking for? hmmmmmm.

    And, what’s wrong with potty training him? Is there a law that states that children with autism shouldn’t be potty trained? Probably just my ignorance on the subject, so please don’t think that is a sarcastic question. I am seriously interested to know.

    You will do what is right. If you find one thing not working, move on to something else. I just wouldn’t think that pull-ups are an independence thing. More like a rung on the ladder.

    /end novel

  3. Overwhelmed! says:

    Hmmm…now you’ve given me some food for thought about the whole pull-up issue. Snuggle Bug isn’t ready for potty training yet but when he is, I’ll have to think about this. Oh, my nephew is wearing them now, before he’s old enough to be potty trained, simply because he’s outgrown the diapers. He’s a big boy!

    By the way, thanks for catching my snaffoo in today’s post. I corrected it and deleted your comment. Now only you (and maybe a few others) know my husband’s name. Sssshhhh. It’s a secret! 😉

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