Mood swing


May 23, 2006 by Marj Hatzell

My mood is generally a very happy one. I am cheerfully optimistic and a glass-is-half-full kinda person. I prefer to look at the brighter side of things and always look for a silver lining.

So what the heck happened yesterday????

All I can say is: Mood swings. I started out ok. Moved to hostility and anger. Came back to depressed. Then was enraged for a while. Then I felt like I was in a coma for most of the night. Didn’t want to move, just crashed into bed with the clicker in my hand and flipped channels over and over for two hours.

I think perhaps it was my latest, “crash and burn” day. Every once in a while I get overwhelmed with what is going on in my life and I have a day like that. The exception to yesterday is that I was argumentative and stuck my two cents in EVERYWHERE it didn’t belong. I am sure that anyone that was near me yesterday (or read my posts on Delco Fly) felt the heat, and I whole-heartedly apologize.

I never proclaimed to be a NICE person.

So today I am trying to get off on the right foot and STAY there. I am going to try not to make any phone calls, since I am still emotional about the Behavioral Health’s denial of Bugaboo’s claim. I will try not to post to the boards, because I am going to want to argue with everyone, and that is not fair. And, I am going to keep my kids busy so that I don’t nitpick everything they do. Finally, I will do my best to smile and not complain the SECOND Darling walks through the door, he needs time to relax, too. And I never want him to regret coming home to his refuge from the world.

I can do this. I can keep my BIG MOUTH shut!

One thought on “Mood swing

  1. Mom Nancy says:

    I know how you feel Marj. That’s where I was on Sunday! I felt like I was ready to pick a fight no matter who I talked to.

    Thanks for stopping by my Tuesday Treasure. My sister in law did a room for Pepper here, too!

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