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May 5, 2006 by Marj Hatzell

Feast Ninety-Two
From which country(s) are some (or all) of your ancestors?

Ireland, Germany, Wales. Mom is mostly Irish. Dad has some PA Dutch.Soup
How would you describe your sneeze?

Loud, obnoxious, messy. Your typical allergy sneeze. It is quite forceful. People who are near me when I sneeze always look afraid they are getting the bird flu, or something!Salad
What is the last thing you cleaned?

My dishes, this morning (go me!)Main Course
Who made the strongest first impression on you?

I would have to say my Darling. I know it sounds cliche, but he pointed my life in a whole different direction when we met. I was totally headed down the wrong path. For someone who had little or no parental guidance as a child, he made himself into a strong man, a wonderful father and a supportive husband. He had to figure out most of life’s mysteries on his own. And he encouraged me to go back to college and do something for myself, not just because everyone else wanted me to do it. He may be quiet, stubborn and “on a mission” like a freight train most of the time, but I cannot imagine my life without him!Dessert
Name one thing you want to accomplish in your lifetime.

I want to go back to college and obtain a master’s in something. I love school. I love taking classes. I love learning. So I want to go back and do it. If I could become a professional student, I would!

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