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  1. Getting My Mojo Back


    April 25, 2012 by The Domestic Goddess

    Since August of last year, I feel like I’ve lost my mojo. My writing mojo. You know, the FUNNAY. I’ve …
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  2. Getting Caught Up


    November 10, 2011 by The Domestic Goddess

    So!  After yesterday’s word vomit fest, I thought I’d get you caught up on what’s happening in my life. First, …
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  3. We Made it Through the Wilderness. Somehow We Made it Through (Or, Yes, I’m Still Talking About my vacay)


    August 4, 2011 by The Domestic Goddess

    See, it was such a momentous occasion that I just can’t stop talking or thinking about it. I actually got …
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  4. When the Cat’s Away, the Mice Leave the Refrigerator Door Open


    August 2, 2011 by The Domestic Goddess

    We’ve actually been back from vacation since Friday but there’s this thing called a mountain of laundry and unpacking to …
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  5. Going on a Little Holiday


    July 22, 2011 by The Domestic Goddess

    It’s that time of year!  Looking forward to heading out-of-town with the family. You know, there’s nothing like taking a …
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  6. The Week That Was


    July 5, 2010 by The Domestic Goddess

    Hello, Internets. It’s me.   Sorry to be so neglectful, but we’ve had a busy week at Chez DG.  Bugaboo was …
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  7. The Suckiest Sucky Spring Break That Ever Sucked


    March 29, 2010 by The Domestic Goddess

    I shouldn’t be so negative (because, like, it’s totally not me to be negative and pessimistic.  Could be because I’m …
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