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  1. Thursday Thirteen: Stuff hitting the fan

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    December 14, 2006 by The Domestic Goddess

    In the interest of s*&^ hitting the fan: Bugaboo has been having nasty seizures. I hate watching it. I cannot …
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  2. Thirteen things that I have on my mind today


    November 2, 2006 by The Domestic Goddess

    How can we get Bugaboo to change his eating habits? He is getting calories and protein, and apparently enough fat. …
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  3. Thirteen things about Marj’s Day


    September 1, 2006 by The Domestic Goddess

    SIL is here with her son and we are having a nice visit. We are supposed to be away on …
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  4. Thursday Thirteen


    July 20, 2006 by The Domestic Goddess

    Things I want to get done around the house! Clean up around the yard – many miscellaneous things just hanging …
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  5. Thursday Thirteen


    June 29, 2006 by The Domestic Goddess

    I messed up on posts, so my Thursday Thirteen is actually on Tuesday, two below this one. Don’t miss it! …
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  6. Thirteen Reasons Marj Maintains a Blog


    June 27, 2006 by The Domestic Goddess

    All of the other kids do it. It is a geeky thing to do, and geek is chic! I find …
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  7. Thursday Thirteen


    June 22, 2006 by The Domestic Goddess

    Thirteen things I want to accomplish when the kids are at camp this summer! 9-2! EVERYDAY! WOOHOO! apply joint compound …
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